04 July 2020

Re-opening the Club and recommencing sailing under Covid-19 guidelines

Following confirmation of the removal of the travel restrictions by the Welsh Government on Friday 03 July, the sailing club will be open to all members from Monday 06 July.

Once at the club site, you must adhere to the Club’s Covid-19 safe opening guidelines set out here:

Responsible Re-opening

Measures and Procedures for the Incremental Opening of Llangorse Sailing Club in a Covid-19 Environment

The Trustees and Executive Committee of Llangorse Sailing Club have established safe procedures for the incremental opening of the Club in a Covid-19 Environment. This will be undertaken in a phased manner and is based on the Regulations and guidance required by the Welsh Government and with the advice of the RYA.

As a sailing club our mission is to enjoy the sport of sailing as a recreation.

We are fortunate that aspects of the sport naturally conform to current practice on social distancing. However, we must introduce measures aware that launching and recovery of boats can be a social activity, dual-crewed boats present some hazards and the sport lends itself to natural socialising.

Compliance – and helping others to comply – will enable us to feel confident about our medical security, and furthermore, guide and encourage us to take incremental steps towards normality at the appropriate time.

Members who have questions, comments or concerns to raise are encouraged to do so (see details below).

Our mission is to recommence activity as soon as practically possible, according to the law and also with the confidence of the membership. The Club will establish the following measures and procedures, but it is to be stressed that members – as individuals and as a community – bear responsibility for maintaining the safety of the club. We must be aware that our activity is visible to the public, therefore we must be responsible and be seen to be acting according to the guidelines and with responsibility – especially near others. We must also appreciate that we are only one of a number of users of the lake so these measures and procedures have been shared with the Llangorse Lake Advisory Group (LLAG)

All members (living in England and Wales) must be aware that all matters concerning health and sport are devolved to the Welsh Government and different laws/regulations apply here. Dyfed Powys Police has indicated that they will enforce Welsh regulations. Members should be aware that the Club Trustees personally bear ultimate responsibility for legal compliance at the Club.

We must be aware that it is possible that the Club could be closed or have its operation changed by order of the Welsh Government, or the Trustees and Executive Committee, due to the Covid-19 situation. We will use the usual channels to inform members and stakeholders.

Casual Sailing (Household Only)

This will allow members of the same household being able to casually sail with limited access to club facilities. The Controls are as follows:

  • Please remember this is controlled casual sailing, not normal sailing/Club operations so club racing, training and coaching is suspended until such times that it is safe to restart these activities.
  • The Club can only be used by members that do not have Covid-19 symptoms themselves and no member of their household has symptoms either. Members that have recovered from Covid-19 can use the club provided that all members of their household have completed the required isolation period.
  • The outer gate should always be kept closed; however, it is particularly important that members close it immediately after entry/exit. We will post a notice on the gate referring to these measures & procedures.
  • Social distancing of 2m must be maintained at all times unless you live in the same household.
  • Members must assume that all surfaces are potentially contaminated, therefore they must regularly clean or sanitise their hands.
  • Members are to have their own supply of sanitising wipes and alcohol hand gel (>60% alcohol is recommended). Please take your used wipes home as no rubbish should be left at the club.
  • The club house and changing rooms will not be available at any time due to the risk of cross contamination and difficulties in keeping the facilities clean. This action is in line with other clubs around the UK.  Both changing rooms and the male toilets will be blocked off and members must not try to enter them.
  • The female toilets will be accessible as unisex toilets and must be used by one person at a time unless they are from the same household.  Members are asked to provide their own toilet paper as the club will not be doing this.
  • No members will be allowed to host visitors at the club during this phase.
  • Picnicking is discouraged and should take place in household isolated groups, ideally in the car. Any rubbish generated must be taken home and not left on the club premises.
  • Sailing should only take place where members feel absolutely confident in the weather conditions and are aware that safety cover is not available. This represents no change to our normal mid-week sailing protocol; however, members must be aware of the additional risk.  This is particularly important for our youth sailors who must be supervised at all times by a competent adult, when afloat or on shore. Therefore, youth sailing in single or double handers must only be undertaken at the club end of the lake.
  • No safety boats or club safety equipment including buoyancy aids will be available, so sailing is to be undertaken on a self-recovery basis.  The use of mast head floats is strongly advised on all non-keel boats to prevent the risk of turtling on capsize which could result in the mast being stuck in the mud.
  • The launch and recovery of boats including Flying Fifteen and 2.4mR keelboats can only be undertaken by the household sailing them. Therefore, keelboats will need either to use a club winch or pulled out by vehicle with a long launch rope.  Please note this can only be done on the main club slipway to the West Creek. The concrete slip to the East Creek close to the wet shed and car park must not be driven on as it was not designed to take the weight of a vehicle.
  • Only boats owned by club members can be used. No club boats including Comet Trios, Toppers or Oppies will be available. The arrangement between members for the sharing of private boats may be possible with notification to Committee and provided that they are used by one family at a time and 72 hrs is allowed between the use by each family (This is to prevent the risk of cross contamination between households).
  • Members are asked not to bring boats on-site unless they are being regularly sailed.
  • Casual sailing means just that; please do not arrange to meet up with other members.

This Casual Sailing (Household Only), will remain in place until such times the Welsh Government and RYA Cymru/Wales modify the restrictions. We are fully aware that we have members that live in England and travel to Wales, but these members must understand that the controls put in place by the Westminster Government do not apply in Wales.  Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, any increase in the infection rate could result in the Club being made to reimpose lockdown. We hope this will not happen; however, it will be beyond our control it is does.

If we all follow these safety related requirements, we all should be able to get out on the water safely and without jeopardising the health and safety of other members.

Please remember that Health and Safety at the club is your responsibly but our concern.

Members are welcome to pose questions and offer comments. Please address them to: llangorsesailingclub@gmail.com

Weather Station at Llangorse Sailing Club

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of long-standing member, Keith Morgan

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