Date…March 2021

Responsible Re-opening – Phase Three

Measures and Procedures for the Incremental Opening of Llangorse Sailing Club in a Covid-19 Environment

The Trustees and Executive Committee of Llangorse Sailing Club (the club) have established safe procedures for the incremental opening of the club in a Covid-19 Environment. This will be undertaken in a phased manner and is based on the Regulations and guidance required by the Welsh Government and with the advice of the RYA-CW.
This advice changed on 12 March 2021 link = Return to Boating Wales  RYA Cymru Wales Also see RYA_CW FAQs document here RYA C19 gov guidance FAQs-Wales.pdf

and this has given rise to Phase Three responsible reopening. 

As a sailing club our mission is to enjoy the sport of sailing as a recreation.

We are fortunate that aspects of the sport naturally conform to current practice on social distancing.  However, we must introduce measures aware that launching and recovery of boats can be a social activity, dual-crewed boats present some hazards and the sport lends itself to natural socialising.

Compliance – and helping others to comply – will enable us to feel confident about our medical security, and furthermore, guide and encourage us to take incremental steps towards normality at the appropriate time.

Members who have questions, comments or concerns to raise are encouraged to do so (see details at the end).

Our mission is to recommence activity as soon as practically possible, according to the law within its restrictions and with the confidence of the membership. The Club has established the following measures and procedures, but it is to be stressed that members – as individuals and as a community – bear responsibility for maintaining the safety of the club. We must be aware that our activity is visible to the public, therefore we must be responsible and be seen to be acting according to the guidelines and with responsibility – especially near others. We must also appreciate that we are only one of a number of users of the lake so these measures and procedures have been shared with the Llangorse Lake Advisory Group (LLAG)

All members (living in England and Wales) must be aware that all matters concerning health and sport are devolved to the Welsh Government and different laws/regulations apply here. Dyfed Powys Police has indicated that they will enforce Welsh regulations. Members should be aware that the Club Trustees personally bear ultimate responsibility for legal compliance at the Club. Anyone sailing/visiting the club is reminded that they do so at their own risk

We must be aware that it is possible that the Club could be closed or have its operation changed by order of the Welsh Government, or the Trustees and Executive Committee, due to the Covid-19 situation. We will use the usual channels to inform members and stakeholders.


Events” [as defined by statutory bodies] will be organised by the club according to the current guidelines and law.  
NB Organised sailing events are not permitted currently (as at 12 March 2021).

Events may be races, supported sailing or training.  “Casual sailing” will not be regarded as an event and therefore those sailing casually must remain separate from others and clearly socially distanced from those taking part in an event, be confident in the conditions prevailing and keep clear of other boats on the lake and on the site.  Particular attention must be paid to social distancing during launching and recovery and those sailing casually are asked to generally avoid times when events are launching/recovering.

The hardstanding between the flagpole area and the launching ramp on the west creek is not to be used for mooring.  This is to avoid boats being launched/recovered having to be passed around moored boats.  Mooring may take place on the metal part of jetty only. 

Casual Sailing

This allows members to sail casually either single handed or with another person with limited access to club facilities. The controls are as follows:-

  • Infection:  The Club may only be used by members that do not have Covid-19 symptoms themselves and no member of their household has symptoms. Members that have recovered from Covid-19 or been tested as C-19 positive may only use the club after they and all members of their household have completed the required isolation period (generally 14 days).  If you become unwell within 7 days of visiting the club you should let the Track and Trace (T&T) Agency know of your presence at the club and advise them of the club membership secretary contact details.  The club will then consult the signing in book and advise the T&T Agency of those who may have had contact with you.
  • Gate: The outer gate should always be kept closed and locked, so it is particularly important that members lock it immediately after entry/exit. The gate and lock should be treated as “C-19 contaminated” and members must disinfect their hands after entry/exit.
  • Sign-in book:  All members attending the site must complete the sign-in book which is located in the entrance to the toilet block. Only membership number, date and time of entry is required so no other personal information. Members must clearly state whether they are Casual Sailing or taking part in an Event.

Toilet Block Access: The female toilets will be accessible as unisex toilets and must be used by one person at a time unless they are from the same household.  Members are asked to provide their own toilet paper as the club will not be doing so.  A traffic cone positioned at the doorway should be moved to the centre of the walkway to indicate that the toilet is ‘engaged’. On leaving move the cone (by foot) back to the side of the walkway.  2m social distance to be adhered to at all times.

  • Double-handed sailing: The Club recommends Sailing with members of your own household only but it is now permitted by the RYA to sail with others from one other household.  Members must assess the risk of sailing with another member from a different household taking into account their age and other vulnerabilities.  The risk increases with duration of contact less than 2m. 
    Follow the “Guidance on Crews from Different Households” published by the RYA-CW August 2020, the key points being:-
    “The guidance highlights the increased risk of certain on-board activities such as rigging, hiking out or two-person winch operation.  It also recognises that while social distancing of 2m may not always be possible on-board, it should always be possible to maintain a minimum separation of 0.5m.  Mitigation of the risk of being separated by less than 2m can be provided by reducing the time spent in close proximity, avoiding face to face contact and not shouting”.

Members will be expected to follow this guidance as issued by RYA-CW on 12 March 2021 (see links above)

  • Sanitising. Members must assume that all common areas of club surfaces are potentially contaminated, therefore they must regularly clean or sanitise their hands. Members are to have their own supply of sanitising wipes and alcohol hand gel. Please take your used wipes home as no rubbish should be left at the club.
  • Common Areas.  The club house and changing rooms will not be available at any time due to the risk of cross contamination and difficulties in keeping the facilities clean. This action is in line with RYA-CW guidance.  Both changing rooms and the male toilets will be blocked off and members must not try to enter them.
  • No members will be allowed to host visitors at the club during this phase as that imposes more difficulties for track and trace and they will not be familiar with the general arrangements for C-19.
  • All rubbish must be taken home and not left on the club premises.
  • Casual Sailing should only take place where members feel absolutely confident in the weather conditions and are aware that safety cover is not available. This represents no change to our normal mid-week sailing protocol; however, members must be aware of the additional risk.  This is particularly important for our youth sailors who must be supervised at all times by a competent adult, when afloat or on shore. Therefore, youth sailing in single or double handers must only be undertaken at the club end of the lake.  However, Supported Sailing events may be organised (see below).
  • No safety boats, club boats or club safety equipment including buoyancy aids will be available, so casual sailing is to be undertaken on a self-recovery basis.  The use of a mast head float is strongly advised on all non-keel boats to prevent the risk of turtling on capsize and maybe resulting in the mast being stuck in the mud.
  • The launch and recovery of boats including Flying Fifteen and 2.4mR keelboats may be undertaken either: only by the helm/crew sailing them, or by winch or car, or with the help of others should a rope be available long enough to ensure social distancing is easily possible.  Where other than the helm/crew use the recovery rope it should be treated as contaminated and hand sanitising shall take place immediately afterwards.  The winch handle should also be treated as contaminated (although being brass is self-sanitising in a few hours).


Events are organised by an organiser and are either Supported Sailing or Racing events.  Only one type of event may be organised at any one time and preferably on different dates.

In addition to the procedure for Casual Sailing the following additional precautions apply:-

Supported Sailing

  • Supported sailing with safety boat cover (i.e. one or two safety boats) for less experienced sailors can now be considered – boat owners only (this season).  The number of participants will be limited, so booking in advance will be necessary and protocols will be communicated before the date.  Details of dates and how to book will be released shortly through the Rusty Shackle and the website.
  • Some coaching from the safety boat(s) may be provided at Supported Sailing events
  • It will be the decision of the ‘Organiser’ of the day to decide if the weather conditions are suitable for the activity to go ahead.  However ultimate responsibility remains with each individual (or parent/guardian) as to their competence to take part.  These will be supported sailing sessions – not training courses – advice will be given on the water if necessary but sailors should be able to sail out of the creek and back.
  • A minimum of RYA Level 1 or Stage 1 [preferably L2 /Stage 2] is required to take part in supported sailing sessions.


  • Practical Training.  Due to the likely requirement for regular rescue and for instructors to get into and out of beginners’ dinghies, dinghy sailing training will not take place this season.  The situation will be kept under review and the likely demand for courses especially more advanced courses assessed for the 2021 programme.


  • Organised Racing events cannot take place yet (12 March 2021)
    Once events are permitted in single and double handers, they will be subject to all the casual sailing procedures above and subject to a committee boat acting also as a safety boat being available.  This power boat should be operated according to the principles laid out in a separate document which will be briefed to the drivers.  Two persons should be aboard the committee/safety boat.
  • During Racing, competitors will be recorded by the recorder as they come to the start area.  No signing-on other than an entry in the site book will be required.
  • Racing will then take place according to World Sailing Rules but with a simplified start arrangement using paddles or flags on sticks (5,4,1,0) and with verbal recall and other commands to minimise the number of implements needed.
  • NBRoom” is defined inter alia as “The space a boat needs in the existing conditions” (which now includes C-19) and therefore members must give sufficient room so that social distancing is maintained between crews racing.  Extra room will be necessary e.g. downwind where crew can be on either side of the boat.
  • Other club boats (eg. casual sailing) must keep clear of those racing and in particular keep clear of the committee boat and start/finish area.


If we all follow these safety related requirements, we all should be able to get out on the water safely and without jeopardising the health and safety of other members.

Please remember that Health and Safety at the club is your responsibly but our joint concern.

Members are welcome to pose questions and offer comments. Please address them to: llangorsesailingclub@gmail.com




Find out more about the Club in this introduction – and those interested in sailing with us are welcome to visit the site to see our facilities and meet us! Drop us a line to the email address below and we will nominate a member of our Executive Committee to greet you.

Renewal documents have been emailed to all 2020 and 2019 members. Please check your Inbox and Junk mailbox.

Safe         Fun           Learning

A Club of about 200 members, easily accessed from the village of Llangorse, 6 miles east of Brecon. The Lake is Wales’ second largest inland water-body, at around 400 acres it provides a perfect safe and picturesque site for dinghy sailing. The Club has developed into an accessible asset for the sport of sailing for the community since its founding in 1952.

We’re a dinghy sailing club commanding high standards of racing, training, coaching and recreational sailing – at low cost to attract all parts of our community – south Wales and neighbouring parts of England. Last year we were able to continue sailing under our Covid 19 measures. Following our regular annual hibernation period, we look forward to our 2021 season starting in March. We’re planning a programme of activity including Club racing, instruction for beginners and further coaching for others – above all, we look forward to seeing more young people on the water again.

For further general information about the Club, you can contact us here

Our Executive Committee team can be found here

You can find out about Membership of the Club here & New Members Information here – including parent or guardianship membership for adults who may not wish to sail – to enable young people to be active members.

Our credentials

Llangorse Sailing Club is affiliated to our sport’s National Governing Body, the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). We are an RYA Recognised Training Centre – which means we provide instruction in sailing and power-boat handling meeting the RYA’s high standards. Training achieved is delivered by RYA fully-qualified instructors from the club; the qualifications gained here are valid worldwide. You can find out more about training at Llangorse Sailing Club Here .Including Activity Days & Family Week In 2015 we won a RYA Cymru Club of the Year award – and we were a runner-up in the UK-wide equivalent.

Pre Covid 19. We look forward to hosting to pre-event briefings like this one for Children
First lesson: getting confidence about boat handling (pre Covid 19)
Training by qualified instructors using well ordered kit

We are a non-profit making community sports club. The Club owns its site and sailing facilities. Llangorse sailing Club is managed by a team of committed volunteers including the Training Principal and instruction team. We work together with SportsWales and via several grants this arm of the Welsh Government has joined us in investing in improvements in our site and facilities.

The Club has hosted racing events for various sailing fleets – and we welcome visiting competitors. This includes events for young people such as the RYA Welsh National Youth Championships. We look forward to recommencing this programme according to Welsh Government Covid 19 guidelines.

Competition can be intense-and hones our skills!

Organised sailing for children is managed using suitable sailing craft meeting RYA standards under qualified supervision at an appropriate ratio of safety-cover. The Club team includes a Safety Policy officer and a (separate) Welfare Officer.

Many of our members are recreational sailors and we are fortunate that under the terms of our arrangement with the Lake owner, sailors can launch at any time within our active season (normally March to November). Balanced with this freedom lies the responsibility for their own and others’ safety and, of course, responsibility for the environment.

Sited within the Brecon Beacons National Park, our Club site is adjacent to a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Club is committed to sustaining our special environment, we value and enjoy our environment and play an active part in the immediate and long-term sustainability of the lake as a vital natural resource.

Site, Clubhouse and our Facilities

The Club site is large enough for berthing members’ boats in proscribed spaces. Members can park their car on-site – although space can be limited when popular events take place. Members can access the site and buildings at any time during our annual sailing system.

Our clubhouse was renewed in 2015. It consists a large indoor meeting / hospitality area, a galley accessible to all and a training room. Adjacent to the clubhouse are our changing rooms. Members can access these at any time. Our buildings also include storage facilities for training boats, safety-boats and other equipment.

New Clubhouse 2015

The Club manages a fleet of safety boats, a large event management boat, a fleet of Comet Trio training sailboats, and a fleet of small sailing boats suitable for training and coaching young people. The Club does enable recent-trainees to consolidate their learning in our training boats. Members sail their own boats for racing and recreational sailing.

Access to the Lake is made via two launch-and-recovery areas into a safe creek, and a substantial jetty projecting into the main part of the Lake. A manual winch is available for recovering heavy boats on our slipway.

Safety boat cover is always provided when organised children’s sailing is taking place and during organised racing.

Membership and playing an active part in the Club

Everything we do is carried out by committed and enthusiastic volunteers. For this reason we make our membership fees as low as possible – but we do ask members to offer some time in helping us man safety-boats, run racing or other events. This is fun, of course! It’s what we do – it helps new members feel welcomed and valued and – above-all – it makes us gel!

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Hern Trophy
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