A brilliant 3rd Overall for Llangorse : Team Racing

The Welsh RYA Team Racing event 4th June 2016 was held at Cardiff Bay Yacht Club.  Our team was Rob Dangerfield, Claire Ellis, Jonny and Nicky Heissig and Guy Davison and Guy Farmer our youth representative helm who kindly agreed to crew Guy.

Arriving nice and early as asked for 9am we saw little activity till the wind and organisers all got it together.  The conditions were light and fluky with a short S shaped course, windward leg, reach, run, reach beat to finish and the races lasted eight minutes or thereabouts each.  A lot of races were planned but the fickle wind shortened the programme eventually.  We ended up with all teams racing each other once only.   Close quarter steering and boat handling were tested as well as roll tacking and gybing to keep these University Fireflies moving.  Llangorese SC Team came 3rdoverall out of eight teams, and were the 1st Welsh SC Team, having won 4 out of our seven round robin races against the other 7 teams.  We lost all our 3 races against the 3 well practiced teams from Exeter University.  This largely happened in pre start manoeuvres and sometimes we added to our own woes here, but it was all in good heart and intentions!  We came home with 3 bottles of wine to celebrate with and to plan our rematch next year.  Thank you LSC for your support and the Welsh RYA for their idea to hold this event and yes we’d like to come again next time!

Photos show our team in the blue Fireflies.

Well done team!!