Update on the Llangorse Weed!

Our club is volunteer led and the minutes of the Exec Committee meetings are recorded and kept in the clubhouse, but we’ve decided to come to you directly on this occasion to update you on an issue of particular concern to the club. Weed

In consultation with many official bodies (we are a SSSI) who have surveyed the problem, we have attempted to cut and remove the weed, with little success, as the scale of the task is immense.

We now have a common agreement with other lake users and the lake owner that the issue needs to be addressed a significant breakthrough that has been led by the Club. 

More recently a visit by the Royal Botanical Society has concluded that the majority of our weed growth is a non-native species of little botanical value.  This is significant because it potentially allows weed to be removed on a much larger scale.  We are aware that some commercial operators carry out this activity and commercial harvesting of weed is now a distinct possibility.

We continue talks with all representatives and are very positive that together we can take things forward.  It’s important to us that you’re all aware of this work.


We will give you more updates in the coming months.