Roaring Success for Recreational Saturdays!


Recreational Saturdays (aka family fun days) have been a roaring success! Added to the program this year, they have provided an opportunity for families and new sailors (adult & juniors) to come together in an informal environment without time constraints or pressure to ‘perform’ or ‘get it right’.

Each day has been led by some of our experienced sailing members who have been able to assist with rigging and general knowledge for those who need extra pointers. The days are self led – allowing everyone freedom to get ready & sail at their own pace. And although we don’t offer coaching, everyone is happy to help each other improve.  With adults taking turns to man the safety boats, everyone has had a chance to sail!

Members pair up (or quadruple up!)  to go afloat in a variety of privately owed and club boats, mixing families and skills alike.

This supportive atmosphere has added to the enjoyment of these pleasure days of sailing and picnicking amongst friends in beautiful surroundings… making them proper Swallows & Amazon days!

The last of the scheduled sessions this season saw 35+ sailors afloat in everything including Toppers, Optimists, Lasers, Supernovas, Opsrey, National Twelve, Fireflies, Mirrors, 420, and Comets, all enjoying the sublime conditions to test their skills!

With continued practice and time on the water, we’re hoping our novice sailors will feel able to join Sunday racing but regardless of their racing ambition, we’re proud that our club has provided a more inclusive year round sailing programme that has fostered more memberships and enjoyment of the sport with these exceptionally fun Family Fun Days!!

Special thanks go to members Paul Gomm, Steve & Beth Denton and Dave Collier (to name a few) for overseeing these days.

Thankyou also to everyone for making them so well attended – we hope to add more this season and lots next year!