Site Flooded January 2021

Flooded, but nothing we haven’t managed before – and preparation for the 2021 season is starting
Entrance to the Site

That the site’s under-water will be a surprise to no one. But it’s a good half metre lower than the height of last March – and it’s been dropping since the pre-Christmas deluge. What was heartening about last year’s inundation was that the site – and especially the grass – recovered quickly and so well, despite not only the deepest, but the longest-known period of flood in living memory. If, this spring, we’re able to clear the weed and other detritus before grass-growth ties it down, the site can become tidy again very quickly. (Garden-rakes forks and wheelbarrows at the ready for the Working Party in March please!). Equally heartening to see is that all bar a couple of boats have been taken away by members. Those which remain have been made as safe as possible in the circumstances – aware that owners’ capacity to collect remains restricted by Welsh Government guidelines.

Before the current lockdown all marks were brought-in. Several need their chains and anchors replacing – they endure a fair amount of weather above-surface, and friction below it. All will need a good power-washing before re-launch when this season starts. They have an important unofficial job to do in the meantime: working together with the heavy recycled-material picnic tables, they act as a breakwater to reduce erosion of the bank in front of the clubhouse. High winter water-levels having become more common in recent years, the Site Sub Committee is looking at options to protect the area from flood wave-action.

Meanwhile, the new Executive Committee will meet in the first week of the New Year. Priorities on the agenda are managing the (hopefully post) Covid 19 recovery. Everyone is eager to see members enjoying their sailing this year – and especially children and young people enjoying their sailing this year. We have so much to look forward to this year: not only the fun-filled shrieks of kids in boats, but a competitive racing fleet and cruising sailors just having fun. We have three spanking new Comet Trios to add to our training fleet – we’ve had one of those for a year already, and it’s bottom hasn’t touched the water yet!

Keep safe and well, and we look forward to meeting members old and new this spring.

Looking out to the creek from the Club House
Level last Year