Activity Days

Activity Days offer FREE informal sessions run by a team of instructors.

Activity Days are fun for everyone

Quick guide


Sailors are grouped based on ability and we take them through various coaching exercises afloat, depending on the weather conditions, so that they can practice and improve. We begin the day with a briefing then normally go afloat before the racing fleet; a break for lunch, more sailing and racing in the afternoon; then we finish, often with a BBQ ashore for all (bring supplies)! Beginners will normally be introduced to the day with skills exercises and some fun; racing groups will do more advanced racing drills and training. All of them tend to get wet!


Most of our young sailors are in Optimists or Toppers. If you don’t have your own boat don’t worry, you can use club boats free of charge on coaching days. By using Optimists and Toppers sailors are all in similar boats which helps them learn and it also helps us to coach!


Our schedule and the site Calendar show the dates for Activities Days. Reminder emails are normally sent out to our distribution list with a weather forecast and expectations for the day. Sessions start at 10:00am and the sailors will need to be rigged, changed and ready to go out sailing after their briefing. We break for lunch and finish the day at 16:00 (packed up and boats put away).


No need to book, but if you can let us know by email if you’re attending it will help us to plan the days. We will have a registration form to fill out on your first session of the year.

Frequently asked questions

How old can my child start sailing?

Normally age eight – although some have started younger. It depends on many things including size, strength and confidence.

How do I get started?

Book your child into Family Week or if you’ve missed that book onto one of the other RYA Stage 1 training course (summer Cadet Training). Sign up yourselves too – it’s family fun!

Can my child borrow a boat?

Yes. Members can borrow boats to take part in club activities and there’s more on this in your membership pack. Like every sport you introduce your child to, you want to ensure they take to it, enjoy it, before investing in the appropriate kit… so whilst you take some time to figure that out, you may hire or borrow boats from the club to get you started. A safety boat must be afloat and for formal club activity like training, coaching and racing it is normally FREE for children. Once you are ready to take the plunge and buy your own boat and have the freedom to sail whenever and wherever you please, check our For Sale Noticeboards and website Classifieds page, or come to us so we can help you find the boat for you!

Which boat should my child sail?

It’s usually a matter of weight and size. Sailors up to 45kg are suited to Optimists. Toppers can be sailed by sailors of 40kg and upwards. Skill levels also come into it and some switch classes sooner, some later – again, talk to us if you want advice.

What about food and drink?

Sailing can be hard work. Children will need to bring food and supplies. We also have a galley with a modest supply of
items which can be purchased. The galley is operated on an honesty system – please purchase what you’d like by paying into the cash box on the worktop.

Is there any second hand kit?

If your child has outgrown sailing kit or you need some more – we can all help each other! For 2016 we hope to put a ‘For Sale’ rail near the male changing rooms. Hang any items you want to pass on and label them with your details and a price or ‘donation to the club’. If purchasing an item please pay into the cash box in the galley along with the garment tag and a message!

What can non-sailors do?

Toys, books & crafts have been donated for younger non-sailing members and for all children to use on rainy days or
during down time. FREE WIFI is available too. Please make yourself at home – use, play, return items and feel free to donate!