Some Helpful Pointers

Upon joining, all members are required to follow the Club Rules set out in our Constitution, so it's strongly recommended that you take a little time to check out the Rulebook – these are some of the key issues which either come from our agreement for use of the lake or are just helpful to us all in keeping the Club running safely and effectively.

All members are required to follow the Club Rules, so take a little time to familiarise yourself with the Club Rulebook below...

  • Volunteering
    All members are required to help in the running of the Club – we’re all volunteers so you’ll be asked to help with safety cover, race management or other tasks. If you’re concerned about what you’re asked to do or when please discuss this with a member of the Executive Committee otherwise we’ll be relying on you to turn up!
  • Contact Details
    Make sure the Membership Secretary has your up to date contact details if these change during the year.
  • Guests
    You may bring a guest to the Club up to 3 times in a year – just ensure you sign them into the Visitors Book in the Clubhouse and always accompany them on site and on the water. They may not launch their own craft from the site and must join before taking part in formal Club training.
  • Not Allowed!
    Some of the ‘NO’s include fishing, camping, swimming, use of power boats and sailing in January – all part of our agreement for use of the lake.
  • Dogs
    Dogs must be kept on a lead of no more than 2 metres and are not allowed in the Clubhouse or changing rooms. Owners must safely dispose of any excreta.
  • Mark it Clearly
    Members’ boats, sailboards and trailers must all be clearly marked with their berth and membership numbers – such that they can be seen when the boat is parked with its cover on.
  • Canoeing
    We do have a special agreement that members who berth a sailing boat on site may launch a canoe from the site if it is clearly marked above the water line with the member’s name and membership number. Care must be taken that canoes don’t impede sailing craft trying to enter or leave the creek.
  • Larger Boats
    No catamarans are allowed on site or boats that exceed 8’ wide, 22’ 6” long or 400kgs.
  • Safety
    Personal Flotation Devices must be worn by anyone taking part in Club activities on the water.
  • Insurance
    All sailing craft and sail boards must have third party insurance cover of £3,000,000 minimum.
  • End of Season
    The site must be cleared of all berthed boats within two weeks of the end of the sailing season.
  • Kit Storage
    Sailing kit, personal belongings, sails, foils, tools etc. should not be left in the clubhouse.
  • Boat Hire
    There are special arrangements and fees for hiring club boats (See membership packs for details). You need to be competent and there is a booking-out form. Fees must be paid on the day into the cash box.
  • Equipment Sheds
    Anyone given access to boats or equipment sheds is responsible for ensuring arrangements are in place to return the boats and equipment tidily and to lock the sheds.
  • Report Defects
    Any defect in club sailing boats or power boat shall be recorded by the member noticing the defect in the Red Book provided on the Club Notice Board.
  • Accident Book
    Accidents to persons must be recorded in the accident book in the Club House.
  • Near-Miss Book
    There is also a “Near Miss” book for incidents that do not amount to accidents in order to improve safety awareness and to promote the removal of hazards. Where possible members should remove hazards as they arise.
  • Notice Boards
    Please ensure any adverts or posters are placed only on the appropriate notice board – if you’re not certain where to pin your notice please ask a member of the Committee.
  • Muddy Feet
    Please rinse mud from feet before entering the clubhouse or changing rooms – there is a tap outside the changing room.
  • Dry Corner
    No-one in sailing kit or wet clothing should sit in the ‘dry corner’.
  • Galley Kitchen
    The galley is for the use of all club members - this includes the oven & hob for which there are instructions in the folder on the shelf to the right of the hob. Access to the galley is restricted to authorised members with relevant food hygiene certificates when the club is running an official event serving food. Please ask a member of the Committee if you wish to make arrangements to use the galley – otherwise please use the water boiler, fridge and microwave adjacent to the galley and take personal items home for washing up.
  • Snacks & Drinks
    Snacks, drinks and confectionery are available for purchase by adult members – using an ‘honesty box’ system for payment. Parents are asked to ensure their children understand that unaccompanied children are not allowed in the ‘snacks’ area so should ask a responsible adult to help them choose and pay. All items should be paid for at the time of purchase or a record made of items taken, the cost and the member’s name. All dues must be paid on the day of purchase before leaving the site. The price list and cash box containing a small kitty for change is kept either on (or under) the galley counter, adjacent to the fridge.
  • Lost Property
    Most lost property is placed in a bin at the entrance to the men’s changing room but small or valuable items will be locked in the galley.
  • Training Room
    The John Morgan Training Room is reserved for formal training sessions, meetings and special events and is not available for general use by members. However, the balcony area will be accessible at all times. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult and, for their safety, must not climb on the seating or railings. Nothing may be dropped or thrown from the balcony and care should be taken on the stairs.
  • Locking Up
    Please be aware of security and ensure windows and doors in the clubhouse and changing rooms are locked when you leave if no-one else is in the building. This is especially important if no-one else is on site when you leave or if all other members are on the water. Please ensure also that the main gate is kept locked, and if unlocked the code is not shown for non-members to see.
  • Thank You
    For helping to keep the Club running smoothly and effectively.